We offer a range of services and memorabilia designed to honour the life of your pet. All pet cremation services are provided with exceptional Pet Cremation Certificatedignity and attention to detail that you would expect from a business with decades of experience.

Perth Pet Cremation is proudly Australian and these days operates as Lawnswood Pet Cremation. To view our selection of urns please click here.

From platinum to private and communal cremation services, our options give you the opportunity to honour the life you and your pet shared together with support you can depend on during this difficult time. We offer you a compassionate collection service from either your home or chosen veterinarian. When we cremate your pet as a private cremation, you can be assured the ashes you receive are of your pet only. Upon return of your beloved pet’s ashes, you will receive a Cremation Certificate as proof of your pet’s cremation.

We can cater for both small animal and large animal cremation including cat cremation, dog cremation and horse cremation. As a team of pet lovers, we truly understand how devastating it is to lose a beloved pet, and the importance of honouring their memory. To book your pet’s cremation click here.

We understand the loss of a beloved pet is a difficult time and our caring team are here to offer advice and support with any questions you may have.